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Choose your adventure

+ Fish from the lodge
+ From the Jetboat
+ Float downstream in a raft
+ Heli-assist bumps to different streams
+ Lake fishing

fish we're after

+ King Salmon
+ Rainbow Trout
+ Sockeye 
+ Arctic Grayling
+ Arctic Char
+ Lake Trout


What to bring

For trips to Nakochna, coming prepared with the right clothing and equipment is essential for comfort, enjoyment, and safety. In the mountains of Alaska, the weather can change fast from sunny and warm, windy and wet. Temperatures during the day can range from 40-80 degrees Fahrenheit, and evenings are usually cool and comfortable, but can also be chilly. In general, the weather is quite pleasant but it is good to be prepared!

Suggested packing list:

  • Socks & Undergarments

  • Pants - quick drying during the day and a pair for the evening

  • 2-3 lightweight quick drying shirts for sun protection

  • Wool or fleece sweater/jacket

  • Down or warm jacket

  • 1 pair shorts

  • Wind/rain proof jacket

  • Rain pants

  • Light walking shoes

  • Muck boots/tall boots for creek crossings or getting in and out of the boat

  • Hat for sun protection 

  • Bandana or buff for sun protection while fishing

  • Sunglasses

  • Headlamp and spare batteries

  • Water bottle

  • Coffee/tea thermos with lid 

  • Toiletries (shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, sunscreen, moisturizer, chapstick, feminine products, personal medication, etc.)


  • Personal fishing gear

  • Reading material

  • Camera

  • Binoculars

  • Knife


  • Waders

  • Selection of rods, flies, and equipment

  • Jetboat and outfitted fishing raft 

  • Fish packing supplies

Notes on packing:  Since all of your gear will be packed into a bush plane, it is very helpful to pack in a way that can be easily loaded. The best way to do this is to avoid the huge box luggages and use smaller bags. 

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