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Sightseeing Tours

We're located at the base of the Kichatna Spires. The Kichatna Spire is a 7,684-foot (2,342 m) spire-shaped peak in the Kichatna Mountains of the Alaska Range, in Denali National Park and Preserve, southwest of Denali.


The area is absolutely breathtaking and some might say a secret spot within the Alaska Range. While most tourism is routed through Talkeetna and the National Park, we have a quiet area in the mountains that's right in our backyard. 

We offer tours from our helicopter, allowing for the full view of the mountains at a slower pace than our fixed wing airplanes. These mountains are guaranteed to leave you in awe. 

Sightseeing is a great option to split up the group. We can only fit 3 passengers in the helicopter so we're happy to take half of the group while the other half is fishing or enjoying another activity.

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